PHOTOS ABOVE: James Quinton Kelley in 1933  as a boy in front of his log cabin and as a soldier in Germany, 1945

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It was the 1920s, 30s and 40s in the American South, and up in the Tennessee hills a mysterious mountain hid a true history as colorful as the Wild West and nearly as lawless.  By the time of World War II, the way of life on that mountain was destined for change as many young men from the area became part of the U.S. Army  and overcame culture shock to serve with people from very different backgrounds as they fought together in the biggest armed conflict the world had ever seen. 
     Journey through what was a simpler time, with one back-hills boy who sees the world with fresh and honest eyes as he leaves isolation behind to discover America from one end to the other, and ultimately, to fight with General Patton's Third  Army in Nazi Germany.  What emerges from this Sherman tanker's memory are vivid experiences of courage, close calls, tragedy, compassion, and regret.  By the end, the narrator is proud to share his thoughts on war, family,  fathers, freedom, and why America is a great country.  This story is told in the voice of the man who lived it, from his firsthand accounts as he recalls his transformation from boy to man during a time of great conflict in American history as Americans pulled together to defend freedom.

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