welcome to the family of wwii vets mentioned in this story

All names are part of the 13th Armored Division unless otherwise noted and listed in order of appearance in the story with their home city and state, if known. Some characters are known only by their nicknames.

James Quinton Kelley, Coker Creek, Tennessee

William Archie Kelley (36th Infantry Division), Coker Creek, Tennessee

Herbert Atlas Davis, Coker Creek, Tennessee

Richard F. Blake

Marcus M. Jarvis

McDaniel from Tennessee

Pearl F. Hicks, Durham, Missouri

John B. Wogan

Stephen H. Smith

Lonnie Edward Johnson, Smithfield, North Carolina


Sol B. Rosenberg, Louisville, Kentucky

Thomas E. Allen, LaFayette, Alabama

David Darnell, Acworth, Georgia

Jackson from Nashville

Gillis Knoblock, Memphis, Tennessee

"Argo"--He was from Argo, Illinois, outside of Chicago, where they made the Argo starch. Everybody nicknamed him Argo, so I don't remember what his real name was. A lot of boys in the company had nicknames. We had Red, Fuzzy, Deadeye Dillard, and a boy we called Ham--his real name was Bacon.

Harry P. Bacon, "Ham,"  Chesterfield, Missouri

"Deadeye Dillard" was probably William Dillard, Richmond, Virginia

Winfred Knode, Pulaski, Virginia

Darvie C. McAbee, South Carolina

Alexander Gordeuk, New Jersey

Edward Salecki, Summit, Illinois

Eugene Glosecrose, Tennessee

Glen Foster, New Jersey

Ewell W. Rhodes, Dallas, Texas

John Kemp, Charlotte, North Carolina

Donald E. Crouch, Leoti, Kansas

Charles Eaton, Kentucky

General George S. Patton (Commander, Third Army)

Donnie (Donzel) Knight, Pennsylvania

General Courtney H. Hodges (Commander, First Army)

Vernon Parent, Oregon

Stroud from Texas

C. A. Puckett, "Red," Portland, Oregon

L. M. Frost, "Frosty," Elmira, New York

Edmond Pressler, Livingston, New Jersey

Harold V. Markl, Pipestone, Minnesota

Charles Ford, Cleveland, Ohio

John V. Brown, "Brownie," Mobile, Alabama

Gillis L. Knoblock, Memphis, Tennessee

Frank K. Young, Mott Street, New York City

Alteo Casevecchia, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Valentine Messer, Yakima, Washington

Glenn Smith, Los Angeles, California

Ernest M. Carr, "Hillbilly No.1," Perry, Iowa

Ralph W. Rogerson, Elizabeth City, North Carolina


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